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Shabbat shalom!

orthodoxjews wishes you a meaningful Sabbath!

Want to check candle lighting times in your area? Chabad has an excellent tool to determine what time to light.


Welcome to orthodoxjews, a community for anyone who practices or identifies with Orthodox Judaism as well as curiosity seekers who are simply interested in its diverse range of communities, lifestyles and beliefs. It's a place for dialogue, discussion and debate on matters theological, philosophical, cultural, social, kugel or otherwise. We welcome black hats, knitted kippahs, fancy wigs and everything in between. You don't even need to be wearing anything on your head at all! We just ask that you follow a few rules to help keep things running smoothly around the shtetl:
  1. Be respectful. There are a wide range of beliefs, customs and practices represented in Orthodox Judaism; while you are free to disagree with other members, please refrain from name calling, slander or general nastiness.
  2. Please put large or multiple images behind an LJ-cut, as well as lengthy articles.
  3. Do not disable or delete comments on your entries.
  4. Keep on topic. All posts should be related to Orthodox Judaism (culturally, socially, theologically, whatever). Closely related subjects such as Israel, Hebrew and Yiddish are also acceptable. 
  5. Commercial posts, ads and listings will be deleted. You may recommend a product (i.e. "Check out my new kosher lamp!") but utilizing the community for sales purposes (i.e. "Huge sale! Kosher lamps 50% off!) will result in immediate removal of the user. 
  6. Racist, derogatory or otherwise hateful posts will be deleted and user banned from the community. 
  7. NO PROSELYTIZING. "Jews for Jesus" or Messianic Jews are urged to find more appropriate forums and will be immediately banned from the community if attempting to proselytize. 
  8. Please do not use icons containing pornography or profanity when posting to the community. Make sure to stop on by our sister community jewish_icons to stock up on Jewish-themed icons! 
  9. Please do not post Shabbat meal requests. If you're looking for a Shabbat meal, check out Shabbat.com
  10. Please do not spam the community with tehillim requests. If you are in need, please visit Refuah-Shelayma.org.
If you have any questions, comments or concerns please direct them to theeverwonder, your neighbourhood friendly mod. Otherwise, enjoy!


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